The 28 Funniest Animal GIFs Ever

Dogs and cats take up a lot of attention in the animal kingdom, but there’s a whole world of other hilarious animals out there. And so we present the twenty-eight funniest animal GIFs ever:

Funniest Animal GIFs Ever: When Suddenly…

Suddenly A Cheetah GIF

Straight Sloth Chilling

Funniest Animal Chilling Sloth

Cat Does Not Like It’s Balloon Twin

Cat Hates Balloon Twin GIF

One Tiny Kitten Boop

Kitten Boops Dog Funniest Animal GIFs

Gimme That Rug!

Raccoon Steals Rug GIF

Funniest Animal GIFs Ever: Oh Hell No

Funniest Animal GIFs Scared Baby Giraffe

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