The 21 Funniest Dog GIFs Ever

Ah, the canine: man’s best and often times most amusing friend. We celebrate our entertaining relationship with dogs by presenting you with twenty-one of the funniest dog GIFs ever seen:

The Funniest Dog GIFs Ever: The Majestic Corgi Jump

Funniest Dog GIF Majestic Corgi Jump

Hilarious video of the corgi belly flop here.

A Dog Knows How To Get Fed

Funniest Dog GIFs Dog Knows How To Get Fed

Dog Struggles With His Door

Funniest Dog GIFs Dog Struggles With His Door

The Best Defense Is A Good Puppy Fart

Puppy Fart

Video here of the hilarious corgi fart defense.

Don’t get in a licking contest with a dog

Funniest Dog GIFs Ever

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