25 GIFs Of Animals Being Complete Jerks

Because not all animals are cuddly and nice, we present twenty-five of our favorite GIFs of animals being complete jerks:

This Dog Is A Real Sled Hog

Animals Being Complete Jerks GIF Dog Sled

Animals Being Complete Jerks: The Devious Parrot

Jerk Bird Kicks Turtle GIF

Cats Are Epic Uncaring Jerks

Cat Knocks Over Television GIF

Animals Being Complete Jerks: The Duck Stalker

Duck Stalker GIF

Dog Being A Complete Jerk

Dog Bites Kid GIF

Don’t Tempt Fate… By Tempting Snakes

Animals Being Jerks GIF Snake Bit

Crow Trolls An Unsuspecting Dog

Animals Being Jerks GIF Crow Bites Dog

Thwap…. Thwap….. Thwap.

Dog Tail Hits Cat

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