The 14 Best GIFs Of The Olympics

We’ve enjoyed ten days of the Olympics, so PBH2 pays tribute with the best GIFs of the games thus far [GIFs via Guyism, Buzzfeed, SBNation, and... us!]:

Best Olympic GIFs Mary Poppins Dance

The Olympics started with a bang, with Mary Poppins holding an umbrella…

Best Olympic GIFs Alex Morgan Knee

Since then, we’ve seen some fails, like when Alex Morgan introduced her knee to the face of the New Zealand goalkeeper.

Best Olympic GIFs Matthias Steiner Weightlifting Fail

Or when Matthias Steiner dropped 423 pounds on his neck….

Best Olympic GIFs Michael Phelps Mom Reaction

And Michael Phelps moms reaction to his gold-turned-silver performance in the 200 meter butterfly.

Best Olympic GIFs McKayla Maroney Vault

But we’ve also seen some wins, like McKayla Maroney’s near perfect vault.

Best Olympic GIFs Alex Morgan Goal

And Alex Morgan’s goal in the 123rd minute to help the US beat Canada…

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