The 25 Funniest GIFs Of Animals Being Jerks

Animals are cute, cuddly, and total jerks who won’t hesitate to eat the food right out of your hand or push you into the moldy family pool if given the opportunity. Here are 25 of the funniest GIFs of animals being jerks that will make you narrow your eyes in suspicion at the next seemingly innocent puppy you see:

Animals Being Jerks: Monkeying Around

Monkey THrow GIF

Kitty Karate Kick

Animals Being Jerks Kitty Karate Kick

Tou-Can’t Be My Friend!

Toucan Being A Jerk

Funniest GIFs Of Animals Being Jerks: Cat Versus Deer

Funniest GIFs Of Animals Being Jerks Cat Versus Deer

Turtle Attack

Turtle Jerk

GIFs Of Animals Being Jerks: Tiger Slam Dunk

Tiger Pushes Other Tiger Into Water

The Cat is Not Impressed

Cat Knocks Over Pyramid

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