25 Hilariously Pathetic Soccer Dive GIFs

Because what’s the point of playing soccer if you can’t roll around on the ground while dramatically faking an injury to gain an advantage over your opponent? For your amusement and anger, we compiled the most ridiculously hilarious bad soccer dive GIFs ever seen:

AHHH! He Had Anchovies For Lunch!!!!

Bad Breath Soccer Dive GIF

Traumatic Head Injuries

Soccer Headbutts

Yellow Card On The Ball For Being A Big Jerk!!!

Dive Fail GIF

How Did He Survive Being Lightly Touched?!?!

Soccer Dive GIFs

Owwwwww! That Ball Stings!!!

Soccer Dives

He Shattered My Delicate Ego!!!!

Ronaldo Dives GIF

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