30 Hilariously Awkward Moments Caught In GIFs

We’re now in an era where you can no longer intimiately reveal to your parents your grandiose plan to take down the whole damn system for failing to legally recognize your civil union to a blow-up doll without at least 3 people video taping the event and an unknown stranger interjecting “Worldstar” while the tears stream down your fathers face. That being said, with every painful event recorded, there is a rich tapestry of rewards that await the rest of us. Mostly in the form of being able to laugh at others mwkward moments through videos that have been stripped of their sound and compression. And so we present thirty hilarious awkward moments in GIFs:

That Moment You Are Epically Awkward In The Background

The Most Cringeworthy Hug Ever

Sexy Virgin Kisses

“Just Act Like No One Saw it”

“I’m Such A Cool Guy Casually Jumping Over Stuff”

That Terrible Moment When Ryan Seacrest Tried To High Five A Blind Man

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