33 Hilariously Cringeworthy Left Hanging GIFs

If there’s one memory that is sure to make us all blush in embarrassment, it’s recalling a memory when we were ready to celebrate a glorious moment with friends or teammates, only to be passed over like a cold dinner roll. Lucky for our funny bone, these moments are occasionally captured on camera and then converted into an early 1990’s image standard that allows us to enjoy them one slowly animated frame at a time. Behold, thirty-three hilarious left hanging GIFs:

Jonah Hill Gets Burned By Megan Fox

Jonah Hill Burned By Megan Fox

Welp, I Guess Today’s Not My Day

Cringeworthy Left Hanging GIFs


Hilarious Left Hanging GIFs

Katie Nolan Of Guyism Fame Gets Left Hanging

Katie Nolan Gets Left Hanging

Disregard Wigs, Acquire Church Naps

Wig Be Gone

The Timberwolves Summed Up In One GIF


Joseph Gordon Levitt Gets The Cold Shoulder

Joseph Gordon Levitt Left Hanging

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