Meet Kenny, An Inbred White Tiger With Down Syndrome

Inbred White Tiger With Down Syndrome Photograph

Kenny is a white tiger that was ‘selectively’ inbred while in captivity in the United States. As zoos and exotic pet stores along with consumers have increased the demand for white tigers, breeders have attempted to recreate the ideal white tiger — large snout, blue eyes, white fur — by relying on a limited pool of white tigers that are in captivity.

The result? With such a limited gene pool, white tigers are born with an astoundingly high rate of deformities and health issues. For example, Kenny is mentally retarded, has significant physical limitations, and is considered the first tiger with down syndrome. The pictures, in many ways, speak to the condition that Kenny and other white tigers are in:

Tiger With Down Syndrome Kenny Photo

Down Syndrome Tiger Picture

Videos Of Kenny, The Tiger With Down Syndrome

In the videos below, you can see what the daily life was like for Kenny, the tiger with down syndrome, as he lives his days out at the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Eureka Springs, Arkansas:

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