Pirate Pug Jack, The Cutest Pug On Instagram

Pirate Pug Jack Laying

At the PBH Network, we pride ourselves in finding the cutest animals on the internet. So when we recently discovered Pirate Pug Jack on Instagram, we were absolutely smitten. Though there is a limited amount of information about Pirate Pug Jack, we’ve ascertained the following information:

1. Pirate Pug Jack only has one eye, hence the name “Pirate Pug Jack”. We don’t know why he has only one eye, but we assume that he lost a fierce battle with a hedgehog or a pointy dog treat.

2. Pirate Pug Jack seems incapable of putting his tongue into his mouth, which makes him even more adorable.

3. Pirate Pug Jack has an Etsy page, where you can buy some of Jack’s cutest photos. We highly recommend this.

With that being said, we won’t deny you more of the cutest pug on Instagram, Pirate Pug Jack (all images below via his Instagram account:

Pirate Pug Jack Couch

Pirate Pug Jack Sleeping

Pirate Jack Fall

Pug Jack Looking out Window

One-Eyed Pug Standing on a Table

Instagram Pug Jack Sitting By The Door

Pirate Pug Tennis Ball

One Eyed Pug Standing Up Photo

One-Eyed Pug Sleeping With Tongue Out

Pirate Pug Jack Photographs

Cute Pug Weird Face

Jack Pug Toy

Pug Jack Sitting Down

Pirate Pug In A Shirt

Instagram Pug Jack Looking Up

Cutest Pug Jack Looking Out Window

Cute Pug In Front Of Window

One-Eyed Pug Jack Laying Down

Pirate Pug Jack Close Up

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