The Fluffiest Cats On Instagram

Homer Cattery Picture

Meet the biggest feline sensations on Instagram: the cats of the Homer Cattery. Located in Bangkok, Thailand, the Homer Cattery is owned by Instagrammers Mawin Hope and Piyawadee Maleenont, two young Thai stars who are famous in their own right. With 7 Persian and Shorthair cats (and more coming!), the Homer Cattery is home to the cutest and fluffiest cats on Instagram. Below, we take a look at each cat of this cute cattery:

Fluffiest Cats On Instagram: Hope

Cute Cat Hope Wearing a Hat

Sporting a simple yet beautiful white-gray gradient coat, Hope is the unchallenged star of the Homer Cattery show. And with good reason: the fluffy Persian has the kind of adorably blank expression that immediately induces an awwww.

Mawin Hope Cat Instagram

Mawin Hope As A Kitten

Hope Fluffiest Cats On Instagram

Homer Cattery Hope


Fluffiest Cats Hope

Hope Cat of Instagram

Homer Cattery Instagram

Fluffiest Cats Instagram Hope

Fluffy Cat Hope

Fluffiest Cat of Instagram Hope

Fluffiest Cats on Istagram

Hope the Cat

Hope Hide and Seek

Cute Cat Hope Picture

Hope Smushed In Face Picture

Hope Kitten

Cat Star of Instagram Hope

Hope Wears Princess Hat

Cute Hope Picture

Hope in Ewok Costume

Hope on Ground Picture

Instagram Hope as a Kitten

Fluffy Instagram Cat

Fluffy Cat of Instagram Hope

Hope as a Kitten Picture

Cute Cat Hope

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