The 32 Cutest Corgi GIFs Ever

They are short, they are stumpy, and they might be the cutest dog breed on the planet. Corgis have adorably short legs, gigantic floppy ears, and the kind of futile energy that makes it impossible not to say awwww! And so we present the cutest corgi GIFs ever: [GIFs below via Frogman, Senorgif, ForGIFs, and us!]

Going Down The Stairs In Style

Corgi Goes Downstairs GIF

A Fearless Corgi Puppy Encounters…. Himself

Corgi GIFs Mirror

Corgi Adorably Nudges A Door Stop

Cutest Corgi GIFs Ever Door Stop

Brave Corgi Puppy Takes On A Tennis Ball

Corgi With Tennis Ball GIF

And Round And Round He Goes…

Cutest Corgi GIFs Ever Chasing Toy

Cutest Corgi GIFs Ever: Wha… Wha Happened?

Cutest Corgi GIFs Confused

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