The Adorable Journeys Of Adventure Corgi

Adventure Corgi Mountain Overlook Picture

In the dog world, corgis have a certain… reputation. Stumpy, incapable of jumping more than 2 inches, and slow in more than one way, corgis are seen as the runts of the canine world.

However, that all changed when Redditor Elizerdbeth posted this amazing imgur gallery of her corgi exploring the world. Originally from Minnesota, this adorable and photogenic corgi visits frozen waterfalls, staggering cliffs, and beautiful beaches. Enjoy the best of the wonderful adventure corgi:

Corgi Plays Fetch In The Ocean

Corgi Sitting Picture

Corgi Overlooks Sunset

Corgi Swims In A Stream

Corgi Mountain

Adventure Corgi Jumping On Rocks

Corgi Goes Swimming

Adventure Corgi Waterfall

Adventure Corgi Diving

Corgi In Car Window Photograph

Corgi Goes Canoeing Picture

Corgi On The Beach

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