The Web’s Best: Apocalypse Showdown

Okay, not everything in this post is end of the world related, but it’s all good, so get over it. You made it, okay? We’re all survivors. Let’s laugh a little.

5. Songs About the End of the World


All you need to remember for the end of the world is two words….LEONARD BERNSTEIN. (Via College Humor)

4. The Next Few Days on Facebook


Yeah, prepare yourself for this fuckery. (via Tastefully Offensive)

3. The Apocalypse


If you’re reading this, congrats! You survived the end of the world. Unless hell has WiFi. (via Pleated Jeans)

2. An Alfred Hitchcock Christmas


Instant Christmas Classics. (via Incidental Comics)

1. Dancing Rudolph

Seriously can’t get enough of this little guy. (via Carororo)

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