28 Hilarious Terrified Reactions GIFs

If there’s one universal truth of scary pranks, it’s that the payoff is always the face of pure terror on the victim. Luckily, some people out there were generous enough to video tape their scary pranks so we could capture the exact moment that their victims are terrified beyond belief. For your amusement, we present twenty-eight hilarious terrified reactions GIFs:

Here Comes The TRex!

Terrified Reactions

Clowns: Always Scary

Terrified Reactions Clown

The Epic Elevator Casket Prank

Terrified Reactions Elevator Casket Prank

Prank Backfires Completely

Punch Terrified Reaction

Kids Have Terrified Reactions To A Chainsaw Wake Up

Terrified Reactions Chainsaw

Gorilla Says BOO!

Gorilla Scares Kids GIF

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