The Week’s Best from PBH Network

5. Baby Polar Bear Learns to Walk


What could be cuter? No…really…what is cuter because if you have something we definitely want to see it.

4. The World’s Smallest Mammals


Well alright, maybe these are the things that are cuter: the smallest mammals on EARTH. Adorable.

3. The Best (and Worst) Angry Reactions to Obama’s Re-Election


Are you overwhelmed with post-election stuff yet? Oh…no? Good! Then click this link to see people be crazy.

2. The Awesomely Weird Quotes of Jean-Claude Van Damme


Boy did THIS guy get weird. Or…weirder than he was, at least.

1. Calvin and Hobbes, GIFed

Always cute. Always charming. And now they MOVE!

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