The 35 Best Seinfeld GIFs Ever

What happens when you take the best show in the history of television and put it into delightful GIF form? The thirty-five best Seinfeld GIFs ever, that’s what:

George’s Unforgettable Pick Up Line

George's Epic Pick Up Line GIF

Believe It Or Not, George Isn’t At Home

Believe It Or Not George Isn't At Home

The Best Seinfeld GIFs: Babu’s Infamous Finger Wag

Seinfeld GIFs Finger Wag

George Hard At Work

George At Work GIF

Maybe The Dingo Ate Your Baby

Maybe The Dingo At Your Baby

Best Seinfeld GIFs Ever: Kramer’s Happy Dance

Best Seinfeld GIFs Ever Kramer Happy Dance

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