25 Of The Absolutely Cutest Puppy GIFs Ever

Puppies are so cute, they could diffuse a violent hostage situation using nothing but a cute puppy yawn or a little puppy sneeze. To celebrate the adorable nature of puppies, we found the twenty-five cutest puppy GIFs ever:

A Mighty Bark

Cutest Puppy GIFs Yap

Must. Have. Cupcake.

Cute Puppy Wants A Cupcake

Cutest Puppy GIFs: Jump!

Jump Fail Puppy GIFs

Turtle Puppy


Burrito Puppy GIF


Cutest Puppy GIFs: Yawn

Yawn Puppy

A Dachshund Puppy GIF

Cute Puppy GIFs

Puppy Plays With Duck Toy

Puppy Plays With Duck Toy