Cutest Sound Ever Cutest Sound Ever

There is nothing cuter than the sound a penguin makes when it falls down.

adorable-baby-penguin-3 The World’s Cutest Baby Penguins

The amount of "aww" these baby birdies elicit can melt even the thickest of ice caps -- the cutest photos of baby penguins ever seen!

Thieving Penguins! Thieving Penguins!

Not even penguins are safe from having a propensity to steal.

Cookie, The Baby Penguin Cookie, The Baby Penguin

It might actually be possible to overdose on cuteness.

Screen Shot 2012-05-21 at 1.54.52 PM A Baby Penguin Meets A Human

The only time I'd ever go to Antarctica is if I were guaranteed to be swaddled by penguins.

penguins-jump Penguins Having Fun In Antarctica

The unsettling part: as gleeful as it all seems, there were nearly a hundred Orca whales hungry for some happy penguin feet.

walter-herzog-penguins Walter Herzog + Penguins = Pure Bliss

The soothing voice of Walter Herzog plus the awesome cuteness of penguins is pure bliss.

Hey, Where’d Everyone Go?! Hey, Where’d Everyone Go?!

Penguins are so adorable.

tickling-penguin Tickling A Baby Penguin

Baby penguin, you so adorable and squeaky!