17 Heartwarming Pictures Of Mitik, The Orphaned Baby Walrus

Mitik The Orphaned Baby Walrus

Earlier this year, fisherman off the coast of Alaska rescued an orphaned baby walrus. Named ‘Mitik’ by the 14 year old daughter of one of the rescuers, the adorable five week old baby walrus was then sent to the New York Aquarium via Anchorage.

After surviving a bladder infection and Hurricane Sandy, Mitik is now doing well in his new home in Coney Island, Brooklyn. In the meantime, we’ve collected 17 of the most heartwarming pictures of this photogenic walrus pup as he grows from slightly large to gigantic with the mustache to match:

Mitik Rests On Person Picture

Walrus Goes Swimming

Orphaned Walrus

Orphaned Baby Walrus

Walrus Pup Adorable Face

Baby Walrus In Small Pool

Two Cute Walruses Play With Each OTher

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