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Surprise Motherfucker Surprise, Mother Fucker

9 GIFs of Darius Benson's hilarious take on James Doakes' classic Dexter one-liner, "surprise mother fucker."

The Best GIFs With Sound The Best GIFs With Sound

An amazing three minute compilation of the best GIFs…. With sounds!

Mormon Parody Of “What Does The Fox Say?” Mormon Parody Of “What Does The Fox Say?”

If you think about what being a Mormon is like, you'll wish earth didn't exist.

Internet GIFs A GIF Gallery Exploring What The Internet Is All About

From a zen gorilla with a flying lawnmower to Donald Duck getting his fap on, fifty-three internet GIFs that show what the web is all about!

Tundra Twerk Tundra Twerk

Oh that bed so fine, move it like you mean it.

13 YouTubers, One Couch 13 YouTubers, One Couch

When do we start rounding up Millennials for forced labor camps?

Deal With It GIFs 35 Absolutely Perfect Deal With It GIFs

When you need to let the hens know who the cock is, there are these thirty-five magnificently perfect Deal With It GIFs!

Shake That Ass On The Internet Shake That Ass On The Internet

Possibly the greatest music video in the history of the internet: Shake That Ass On The Internet.

Pusheen The Cutest Pusheen GIFs Ever

Short, round, and adorably simply, Pusheen is the animated Tumblr super-cat that everyone loves -- you will too after you see the cutest Pusheen GIFs ever!